What exactly is the blend of grapes you use for Frozé?

For the current vintage, it's Pinotage (42%), Cinsault (26%), Merlot (18%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (14%). But that might all change next year. Our winemaking team selects the best grapes it can get hold of and blends them together to produce a consistently fruity style. In some years, it's possible that this will mean, for example, less Pinotage and more Merlot. But honestly, let us worry about that. The important thing is that Frozé tastes fantastic every vintage and if you're ever even slightly disappointed with the end result, we want you to
let us know.

Why is the alcoholic strength relatively low?

Wines have been getting steadily more alcoholic in recent years, despite the fact that most people are now living healthier and more active lifestyles. Our research showed us that there was a clear demand for wines with an alcoholic strength of about 12% abv or thereabouts. (Ours comes in at 12.05%.) We're not saying that you can operate heavy machinery after a couple of glasses of Frozé or that it's the sort of thing you should put in your water bottle at the aerobics class. All we're claiming is that Frozé won't make your head spin in quite the same way as some of the more overblown wines on the market. Frozé drinkers are social creatures. Their ambition for a Friday night is to have a good time, not to get blitzed.

Who supplies Frozé?

Frozé is owned and supplied by Off Piste Wines, based in Cheltenham. It's a new company started by a couple of guys who have been around the established wine trade for quite a long time and decided it was time to play by a different set of rules. We've got some superb wines in our portfolio, including [yellowtail], the best-selling wine in the USA. To find out more about the business, or to invest several million dollars of interest-free capital, click here.

Will Frozé add 10 or more years to my life?

We regret that this claim is currently unverified.

That's a shame.

Yes, it is. Look, we don't mean to be rude, but we're a bit busy making wine and everything right now, so if there are no more questions -

Can we meet up for drinks? Nothing too formal, you know - just to get to know each other a bit better? I mean, I don't normally do this kind of thing, but you seem really nice and I was just kind of wondering ...

That would be lovely. We'll call you.